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MT box for Siemens

  • Support Future Updates
  • Direct Unlocking in less than 1 sec
  • No Battery Needed
  • custom speed support up to 1500000 bps
       UFS Box
  • read/write flash
  • unlock SP simlocks
  • rebuild / repair IMEI
  • Save User Settings
  • set LCD Contrast
  • Convert FLS -> Nokia
  • Convert Nokia -> FLS

  • with 3 special cables, 100 credits and 24 Test Points Adapters
  • Read Network Code
  • Direct Unlock (don’t Reed to write code manually)
  • Restore Network Code (SimLock)
  • Phone/User Code Unlock and reset
  • Software repair, even if phone don’t turn on
  • EEPROM recalculation
       J.A.F. with P-key
  • new smart card based protection used for JAF
BB5 Box
  • with 3 special cables, 100 credits and 24 Test Points Adapters
  • Read Network Code
  • NO Internet connection
  • Latest Nokia phones supported
  • 3 second unlock
  • Free updates

       Furious Gold Box
  • Direct Unlock
  • Flashing
  • FTDI + com based
  • At least 6 times faster than FuriousBox
MT Box for Sony Ericsson Martech Box V3

MT Box For SonyEricsson

  • NO Logs
  • NO Credits
  • Write any IMEI (on empty boards)
  • Repair dead phones
  • Standalone software
  • Direct unlock (no need to enter codes manualy)

       Martech Box V3
       Packaged with test point adapter        V3

  • Unlock, Flash and repair all Seimens Phone
  • Repair IMEI
  • Calculating UNLOCK CODES
  • Close SP-Lock to any Network


UB Box Smart Clip
uiversal box details
ultimate solution for mobile phones such as Nokia, SonyEricsson, Siemens

  • Flashing
  • Unlocking
  • Repairing
  • IMEI changing without UEM is not supported yet on the following models: 1100, 2600, 2300, 9500


  • Smart Clip is a professional device that removes Service Provider /SIM/Phone/User locks.
  • Works with a wide range of mobile phone models.
  • Standalone operation or use with PC for more unlocking & debranding power
  • Large list of supported phone models, including the new PEBL, V3x, V3i, L7, L6, E1, E770 etc..

Xintel box (
24Pins Define pinout to RXD,TXD,VCC,GND,PULL UP,PULL DOWN.
Scan MTK,ADI,TI,AGERE,SKY,SPreadtrum...
use PL2303 USB2COM chips,COM Baudrate UP to 921600BPS
can spy mobile phone VCC and GND
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    Virasat Electronics Pvt.LTD.
    Network India MALL 2nd FLOOR
    New Delhi-110005

  • Infinity Box Plus
    Moto w170, w355 flashing released
    QCModule v1.10 list of changes:
    • w170, w355 flashing released
    • "Read information" option released
    • connection method improved
    • minor bugs fixed

  • Furious Gold
    New update added today in Furious-Gold as 1st in world !
    Added LG KP 202 & 202i :
    • Direct Unlock
    • Write Flash
    • Read Flash
    • option in soft that repair phones showing service not available

+ 200 MB of flashed added in support area !

  • Universal Box
    • Added support for DB2020 CID52 conversion
    • Added support for DB2020 CID52 flash, lock / unlock
    • Added support for Ericsson Z558
    • Improved server communication

  • Cruiser
    Version 10.42
    Added support for the PNX5230 platform (flashing, GDFS and FS operations).
    CID49/CID51 to CID52 is enabled for all DB2020 phone types from now on.
    Updated TAC list for K310i, K510i, K750i, K800i, T290i, W200a, W300i, Z550a, Z550i and Z610i.
    Fixed minor issue related to K550im and W200a phones.

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